Expansion Information

Kappa Delta Rho is always seeking to share the bond of Brotherhood with qualified students at colleges and universities where it is not currently represented.  We seek both to expand our Brotherhood to new schools and to restart inactive chapters.


Table of Contents

  1. The Challenge
  2. How to Get Started
  3. The Criteria
  4. The Process
  5. Current Interest Groups and Colonies
  6. Inactive Chapters
  7. Download the Expansion Manual


The Challenge

Many men have written thoughts on the subject of friendship.  No matter how noble, no matter how important to us friendships may be, all but a few of the friendships we have in our lives are temporary, passing things.  They are built on convenience: sharing a dorm room, a hobby, a favorite band, something that will change in time, when new circumstances will mean new friends.  Large groups of friends last only as long as the times those friends are together, which, sadly, is usually far too short.

A fraternity is, and must be, more than just a group of friends.  The bonds of brotherhood are different than the bonds of friendship.  Instead of convenience, they are built on responsibility to each other, service to each other and the community, trust, and a commitment to your organization in much the same way that you have a deeper sense of commitment to members of your own family.  In short, friendship is only one ingredient of a fraternity.

A fraternity will last longer than a group of friends will.  A fraternity will take in new members, and senior members will pass from active to alumni status.  Kappa Delta Rho began before any of its living members were born, almost 100 years ago.  Likewise a fraternity will continue after you graduate, and it will live longer than any of its members ever could, just as Kappa Delta Rho has outlived its ten founders.  It has done more than just survive: it has grown and prospered, from ten men at one college to tens of thousands of successful men nationwide.

The challenge before you is the same challenge which started this fraternity and every chapter of it: to create an organization and a tradition that will outlast you and your college years.  To create an organization based on the ideals of friendship, honor, loyalty, trust, service and responsibility.  To create a brotherhood.

This is the challenge of the founders of Kappa Delta Rho.  Will you accept it?


How to Get Started

Start by talking to your friends.  Envision the kind of group you would like to have, and find people that share your ideas.  Check with student organizations like sports teams or the newspaper.  Ask professors and coaches for advice and support.  Even sororities will know men who may want to start a fraternity.

As soon as you have a few interested people, contact us at the National Office for assistance.  We will help guide you through the steps outlined here.

Stay motivated.  You are creating an organization that will survive long after you leave college, and it should not be hastily put together.  Do the right thing instead of the easy thing, and you will put your group on the right foundation. This process will not happen overnight — expect it to take all year.  The more time and energy you put into it, the more rewarding it will be.


The Criteria

We will only expand to colleges and universities that are willing to have us; therefore, good relations with the administration are important.  Be open, friendly, respectful and honest with the National Office and the school, and they will be the same to you.  This is the surest way to win acceptance and recognition by the administration and the Inter-Fraternity Council.

The criteria for the size of the group depends on the size of the institution, and will be determined by the National Office. For the first steps, this may be between ten and fifteen people.  As you progress into Provisional Chapter status, your aim should be to be larger than the average fraternity size on your campus.

In order to become a chapter your group must meet certain academic standards as well.  Each member should have a minimum GPA of 2.7, and must participate in campus activities and organizations outside of Kappa Delta Rho.  The group's overall GPA should compare favorably to other fraternities on campus and the all men's average.


The Process

The first step is to take a group of interested individuals and become a recognized Group of Intent.  After you have assessed the size and dedication of your group, send a letter to the National Office requesting Group of Intent status.  Once you are a recognized group, you should begin holding meetings on a regular basis, establish a budget, do a service project, enlist an advisor for your group, and petition the Inter-Fraternity Council for recognition.  Then you will be ready to move on to the next step.

The second step is to become a Provisional Chapter.  When you have met the requirements of the Group of Intent phase which are outlined more fully in the Expansion Manual, you can send a letter to the National Office requesting Provisional Chapter status.  The Provisional Chapter phase is time when the group really becomes a fully operating fraternity, and must meet the requirements of membership, grade point average, finances, community service and other areas.

When a Provisional Chapter has met all its required goals and is a fully functioning chapter, it can complete the third and last step: petition the National Fraternity to receive a charter and become a chapter of Kappa Delta Rho.  This completes the expansion process and starts a new chapter for the fraternity.


Provisional Chapters

These are the colleges and universities that have achieved provisional chapter status.  Please take the time to welcome our new provisional chapters and contact the current chapter consul.

Virginia Commonwealth University; Richmond, VA (Recolonization of Omega Alpha Chapter)

University of California - Berkeley; Berkeley, CA (Recolonization of Lambda Chapter)  


Current Interest Groups

These are the colleges and universities that we are currently working with to begin new chapters of KDR.  If you know of qualified students at these schools, or can assist us in other ways, please Contact Us or call the office.

Here are all of the groups currently trying to achieve Interest Group Status:

Frostburg State University; Frostburg, MD 

Indiana University of Pennsylvania; Indiana, PA (Recolonization of Omega Chapter) 


Interest in Developing Chapters

These are locations where there are students in college or alumni who have interest in starting chapters.

Arizona State University; Tempe, AZ

Trinity College; Hartford, CT

Indiana State University; Terre Haute, IN

Towson University; Towson, MD

Saint Louis University; St. Louis, MO

New Jersey
Richard Stockton College; Pomona, NJ

New York
Syracuse University; Syracuse, NY

University of Pittsburgh; Pittsburgh, PA
 Carnegie Mellon University; Pittsburgh, PA

Western Oregon University; Monmouth, OR
University of Oregon; Eugene, OR

West Virginia
West Virginia University Morgantown, WV

George Mason University; Fairfax, VA


Inactive Chapters

The following is a list of colleges and universities with inactive chapters of Kappa Delta Rho.  If you know of any students at these schools who may be interested in becoming brothers and chapter founders, please Contact Us.

California State University, Fresno

University of Florida

Bradley University
Eastern Illinois University
Illinois State University
Lewis University

Ball State University
Butler University

Colby College

McDaniel College

University of Michigan

New Jersey
William Paterson University

New York
Fordham University
Hofstra University
Long Island University - C.W. Post campus
New York Institute of Technology
SUNY Albany

North Carolina
University of North Carolina, Asheville

University of Dayton
Ohio State University

University of Oklahoma

Clarion University
Gannon University
Gettysburg College
Lafayette College
University of Pittsburgh
University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg

Rhode Island
Bryant College
Rhode Island College

South Carolina
Clemson University

East Tennessee State University

West Virginia
University of Charleston
West Liberty State College


Download the Expansion Manual

Expansion Manual - New & Reactivated Chapters
This document is intended to be used by those interest groups who wish to review the advantages of becoming a Kappa Delta Rho chapter as well as the process to become a provisional chapter and eventually an active chapter.