The Quill and Scroll

The Quill and Scroll was originally a quarterly magazine.  The cost of publishing a quarterly, however, became prohibitive a number of years ago.  Today, each chapter and alumni brother receives two issues a year, one in the Spring and one in the Fall.  The Quill and Scroll is one of the finest fraternity publications in existence.  First published as The Scroll in 1909, the Fraternity changed its name in 1924 to The Quill and Scroll.  The magazine originally served as a tool for rushing students at Middlebury College.  The Scroll also published the names and addresses for KDR members to use during the summer.  After men graduated, it became a source of alumni addresses to promote continual contact between members.  Today, articles in The Quill and Scroll detail the successes of the National Fraternity, the various alumni corporations, undergraduate chapters and individual members.  These articles reflect the high ideals of KDR lived daily through the eyes of its undergraduates and alumni. 

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The Pathfinder

The Pathfinder is the KDR educational and historical manual.  It gives pledges an understanding of the importance of KDR membership.  It also gives them an introduction to the way in which KDR is organized, how it operates and what the roles are of the chapter, alumni, and National Office.  The Pathfinder also creates a better understanding and appreciation of the National Fraternity and the KDR Foundation. 

When The Pathfinder was first released, “The KDR Gentleman” and the Position Statements were separate publications.  Because of the importance that these two additional documents have as reference and educational tools for pledges and the general membership of KDR, they were included into one manual.   Every few years, the National Office staff revises The Pathfinder to bring it up to date with new information, policies and ideas. 


The History of Kappa Delta Rho

The History of Kappa Delta Rho, written by George E. Shaw, Alpha ’10 in 1956 for the semicentennial celebration, is the chronological history of the fraternity.  It includes biographical information about the founders and the history of each chapter.  There are also several worthwhile sections written by brothers who were influential in the growth of KDR.  This book was last updated in conjunction with our Centennial Celebration in 2005.


Chapter manuals are available for each executive committee officer and almost every additional chairman that a chapter could possibly elect.  They are available to brothers electronicly in the Chapter Resources & Chapter Officer Resources areas of the Brothers Only are of the website.  These manuals are filled with creative ideas that other chapters and individual undergraduates have used to conquer almost every problem that your chapter could face. 

There are also manuals that describe how to plan and deliver successful programming.  These describe: planning effective officer transition retreats, running effective chapter and executive committee meetings, writing fantastic chapter newsletters, understanding specific officer duties and responsibilities, educating pledges and members, managing the financial affairs of the organization, maintaining the risk management standards, effective chapter advising, an Expansion Manual for new chapters, and the list goes on.

The National Office revises these manuals to provide chapter leaders with the most current information.  Officers’ manuals are one of the best resources for chapter programs provided by the National Office.  If you have questions about the material contained in them, call the National Office.  Read and study them carefully.  These manuals are only effective, however, if you read them and then use them to implement positive programs.  They don’t accomplish anything by themselves or by sitting on a shelf.

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