Dear Potential KDR Brothers, Family, and Friends:

            In the fall of 2008, KDR unveiled a new membership development program entitled The Path.  This program is designed to integrate our new members into KDR's culture and tradition, to assist in their college success, and in their current and future personal and professional growth.   The program builds on what we have learned over the past 100 years to bolster the strengths and to buttress the ever-changing needs and challenges of today's college student

          The Path is broken into four stages (Orientation, Kappa, Delta, and Rho) with each stage consisting of about a dozen phases.  All new members are required to finish the Orientation Stage and to complete the first half of the Kappa Stage.   At that time, Brothers will have completed all required phases of The Path.  Should they desire, Brothers may continue through the remainder of the Kappa Stage and to the Delta and Rho Stages.  The program becomes increasingly self-directed, personalized, and more individually centered as each member progresses.  It will challenge them and serve as a perfect complement to their KDR membership.

          The program is formatted such, that each stage and phase is completed through interactive PowerPoint presentations, making The Path nearly paperless, environmentally friendly, and technologically enhanced.  The program is available through the KDR national website and is facilitated on a chapter level by two chapter officers (the Junior Tribune and the Pontifex) and by the mentoring of a KDR Big Brother.   From the Orientation Stage of The Path:   "The goal of the Orientation Stage is to educate new members on the history, mission, and values of the Fraternity and to assist in their own personal growth and development, as well as in a greater understanding of the breadth and depth of their commitment to KDR as their fraternal obligations and vows of membership are for a lifetime. " 

          The Orientation Stage is designed to last approximately five weeks in length, culminating with initiation, which is followed by the required phases of the Kappa Stage which bridge the pledge to initiation to Brother period.  The intangibles of The Path are probably the most important aspects of the program.  Brothers will be able to see, understand, and live life through a strong commitment to our ritual and core values.  The Path embraces our heritage and tradition and holds tight to what it is that makes us uniquely KDR.  The Path is designed to build upon our principles, values, and standards with practical knowledge that Brothers can use to enhance confidence, develop leadership, create connections, grow socially, and build a skill set for the future. 

We welcome you to speak with a KDR Brother, chapter member on your campus, or the National Office concerning KDR and The Path.


Matt Lenno, Alpha Beta ‘95

National Vice President of Education